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39th Annual International Country Music Conference

1 June - 3 June 2023

Belmont University - Nashville, Tennessee


The 39th annual International Country Music Conference (ICMC) will be held Thursday afternoon through Saturday, 1 June - 3 June 2023 at Belmont University in the heart of downtown Nashville, Tennessee.

ICMC solicits proposals in all disciplines related to all aspects of the history and contemporary status of Country Music. ICMC broadly defines Country Music to include variants from Old Time Country, Cajun, Cowboy, Western Swing, and the Nashville Sound to Bluegrass, Honky Tonk, Country Rock, New Traditionalist, Hot New Country, Americana, Alternative Country, and the country music tradition in countries outside the United States. Proposals on the educational applications of Country Music from Kindergarten through the collegiate curriculum are also welcome. ICMC is truly international with papers having been presented by scholars from Australia, Austria, Canada the Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Japan, Norway, and the United Kingdom.

All presenters will be expected to pay the $200.00 (U.S.) registration fee which includes excellent luncheons, breakfasts, and social hour foods. No form of financial support is available for presenters. Proposals should include:

  1. Title of paper.

  2. A 75-100 word abstract.

  3. Name of presenter(s).

  4. Institutional affiliation(s).

  5. Complete address(es).

  6. Phone number(s).

  7. E-Mail address(es).

Proposals may be submitted by E-Mail to or sent by conventional mail to James E. Akenson. Box 5042. Tennessee Technological University. Cookeville, TN 38505. U.S.A. Deadline for receipt of proposals is Friday, 28 October 2022. Earlier submission of proposals is encouraged.

Nashville is served by major airlines. Interstates 24, 40, and 65 pass through Nashville.

The International Country Music Journal

Don Cusic is ICMC Co Chair and editor of the International Country Music Journal. Please contact Don Cusic about submitting an article. Due date will be 27 January 2023.


Don Cusic ( requests your manuscript submissions for the International Country Music Journal (ICMJ).  Although the ICMJ is an official function of ICMC, Cusic welcomes well written manuscripts whether they have been presented at ICMC or not. Past ICMJ are available at Amazon and/or on the ICMC website and those attending ICMC received a copy with registration. Persons interested in submitting manuscripts for ICMJ should contact Don Cusic for submission; guidelines can be found here.

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